Mental Calisthenics: Borrowed menu item

(More Mental Calisthenics) You deserve a break in the neighborhood. Home of the $5 footlong. In here, it's always outside the bun. Finger lickin' meats. (OK, so that mashup may be on the edge of too far.) But have you ever looked at a fast food or casual¬†chain restaurant's menu and thought "it's missing something"? … Continue reading Mental Calisthenics: Borrowed menu item


Mental Calisthenics: Fictional Restaurant edition

(More Mental Calisthenics.) Of all the posts in all the world, you came to this one? As you lean back in your chair letting your mind wander, consider this as a topic: Where would you like to eat a meal? The parameters are that the place you pick must come from a fictional source. It … Continue reading Mental Calisthenics: Fictional Restaurant edition

The 12 Hours of Christmas

Reworking of the classic song: ¬†Unthawed Christmas Turkey Broken Ornaments More for Dinner Feuding In-Laws Naughty Kids Missing Bike Parts Chairs Short Unwrapped Gifts Wrong-Sized Sweaters Mis-sung Carols Toys with Dead Batteries Shots of "Egg Nog"