Mental Calisthenics: Borrowed menu item

(More Mental Calisthenics) You deserve a break in the neighborhood. Home of the $5 footlong. In here, it's always outside the bun. Finger lickin' meats. (OK, so that mashup may be on the edge of too far.) But have you ever looked at a fast food or casual¬†chain restaurant's menu and thought "it's missing something"? … Continue reading Mental Calisthenics: Borrowed menu item


The 12 Hours of Christmas

Reworking of the classic song: ¬†Unthawed Christmas Turkey Broken Ornaments More for Dinner Feuding In-Laws Naughty Kids Missing Bike Parts Chairs Short Unwrapped Gifts Wrong-Sized Sweaters Mis-sung Carols Toys with Dead Batteries Shots of "Egg Nog"