Strobe Light

  • Anyone else ever hear the word “collude” before this year?
  • If someone decided to use the Internet to catalog all the hypocrisy that flows from Washington, there wouldn’t be room left for the porn.
  • GOP in 2008: Obama isn’t qualified because he has no experience! GOP in 2016: Learning on the job is totally OK for the president.
  • GOP in 1992: Bill Clinton isn’t fit to be president since he dodged the draft! GOP in 2000: Dick Cheney is totally fit to be president despite using the exact same deferrals Clinton used.
  • Democrats in 1993: It’s fine if the president wants to use a family member as staff, like having Hillary head up the health insurance fight. Democrats in 2017: Having a family member act as an advisor is totally inexcusable. Ivan should never have sat in on that G20 meeting!
  • GOP in 2017: Robert Mueller, the special counsel, needs to be focused on only one thing, and not be involved in a fishing expedition! GOP in 1994: Ken Starr needs to look at whatever he wants, so if Whitewater doesn’t pan out he can keep going till he finds something!